“ We aim for a fruit-
   driven style with elegant
   oak, rather than a big,
   oak-driven style.”



Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz 2008
Deep colour, a voluptuously, velvety rich palate ranges through blackberry, liquorice, chocolate, plum cake, spice and tar - what more do you want? - Yet retains balance and line. Impressive wine from ’08 from a single vineyard, surely picked before the heat.
Screwcap. 14.5% alc.
Rating 95 To 2028

Barossa Valley Shiraz 2010
The inky purple colour is a sure sign of the full-bodied wine that follows, with layer upon layer of black fruits; however it is not the least unattractive nor alcoholic; the tannins are ripe but soft, the French Oak barely evident.
Screwcap. 14.5% alc.
Rating 94 To 2030

Barossa Valley Rose 2011
A blend of 52% Grenache and 48% Mataro. Pale bright pink, a relatively delicate and reserved wine until the end of the palate when it opens up and delivers a shaft of red fruits and lemony acidity.
Screwcap. 13.7% Alc.
Rating 90 To now. (good value recommendation).



Barossa Valley Single Vineyard Shiraz 2008
This wine sits firmly at the sharp end of the Scorpiiion’s tale [pun]. Densely inky dark and with an initial shy nose, this blockbuster shiraz soon unleashes a powerful palate experience of dry herbs, richly opulent red fruit and restrained but very supportive oak. There is also a bit of Formic acid thing going on here which adds to the complexity. The clean zingy acid supports and carries all the other rich attributes of a wholesomely crafted Barossa shiraz, to a long, lingering and satisfying palate. It more than admirably survived the 24 hour test and enhanced the culinary enjoyment of slow-braised beef cheeks with celeriac puree on the first night and pan-seared rump steak tonight. One almost could almost feel sorry for non-meat eaters with such a wine. This currently tight and edgy wine will reward cellaring for up to 10 years Yet to be released, this Scorpiiion single vineyard Barossa Valley shiraz deserves to mix shoulders with and challenge some of the more iconic and recognised labels from that region.

Scorpiiion, Barossa Valley Rose 2011
From the onion skin colour to the quirky label and spelling [no, the Scorpiiion spelling is not a typo] this wine intrigues. The derivative name results from the star sign of the 3 partners involved in this venture. Guess which star they were all born under!!! The wine itself was initially somewhat shy on the nose and palate but, once slightly warmer it released solid wafts and flavours of red fruit and peppery cinnamon. The blend of Grenache and Mataro gives good palate weight and length to a non-cloying finish. It survived admirably the 24 hour test. It is pleasantly savoury on the long palate despite a hint of perceived sweetness which supports the 13.7% Alc. This “foot-in-each-camp” profile makes it ideal as a starter as well as a fulsome accompaniment to Mediterranean and Asian dishes.


Barossa Valley Shiraz 2008
Dense purple-crimson: a rich, opulent and complex shiraz with waves of black fruits and exemplary tannin management; fruit complexity from three subregions; given the benefit of a question of alcohol warmth that won't be noticed with food. Screwcap. 15% alc.
Rating 94 To 2023

Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
With no viable McLaren Vale fruit available, this became a single-vineyard wine (from Strait Gate) picked before the fruit was cooked; may be a little one-dimensional, but has really appealing flavours - and price. Screwcap. 14.5% alc.
Rating 90 To 2015

The Sting Barossa Valley Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2008
The combined effect of high baume fruit to start with, then the fortifying spirit, takes this into a serious echelon of alcohol, which may, however, sneak by unnoticed; there is a touch of elegance to the wine, and it is not overly sweet. I'm not sure the anti-alcohol lobby would approve of the come-hither pice. Screwcap. 20% alc.
Rating 90 To 2016


Barossa Valley Shiraz 2005
Very good colour; generous, rich and well-balanced; a medium- to full-bodied array of black fruits and a deft touch of French and American oak; carries alcohol well. Screwcap. 14.8% alc.
Rating 92 To 2017

Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2006
Fragrant, juicy berry aromas and flavours in mainstream of French at its best; main inputs from Grenache (45%) and Shiraz (42%). Screwcap. 15% alc.
Rating 91 To 2012

Barossa Valley McLaren Flat Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
A scented, exotic bouquet leads into a full-frontal, luxuriant and lusciously ripe palate in bold Aussie ‘love me or leave me’ style. Screwcap. 14.5% alc.
Rating 90 To 2016

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Scorpiiion Wines was the concept of Mark Herbertt who decided to buy a small quantity of McLaren Vale and Barossa grapes in 2002 and have the wine made for himself, friends and family. In 2004 Paddy Phillips and Michael Swarcbord, like Mark Herbertt sharing the Scorpio birth sign, joined the partnership. It is a virtual winery, with the grapes purchased, and the wines contract-made by various winemakers including the brilliant Peter Schell. They say 'We share a number of likes and dislikes in relation to Australian red wines - apart from that, we don't really agree on anything...We aim for a fruit-driven style with elegant oak, rather than a big, oak-driven style.' Oh, and they are united in their insistence on using screwcaps rather than corks.

Barossa Valley Shiraz 2004
Bright purple-red; luscious blackberry, plum and a touch of prune tempered by good acidity; fine tannins and exceptional length. Screwcap. 14.5% alc.
Rating 94 To 2024

Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2005
Light to medium-bodied; the juicy berry fruit is strongly regional, almost lemony; good length. Cork. 14.5% alc.
Rating 89 To 2013

Barossa Valley Rose 2006
Has flavour without sweetness or phenolics; spicy notes through the palate and finish. Screwcap. 13.5% alc.
Rating 88 To 2008

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Scorpiiion Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Scorpiiion are a relatively new boutique producer from the Barossa Valley who kindly sent three bottles of red for us to review. The first cab off the rank (if you would pardon the pun) is the Scorpiiion Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, a multi-regional blend of Barossa and McLaren Flat fruit.

This Cabernet exhibits fragrant aromas of tobacco and eucalypt swimming in an ocean of ripe plummy dark fruits and berries. Full bodied with loads of fruit flavour, well managed spicy oak, a velvety mouthfeel and fine, slightly powdery tannins. It’s rich, well balanced and very modern in style, with a satisfying and clean finish.

The Scorpiiion philosophy is to let the fruit do the talking, they have done a good job in producing a Cabernet that is approachable while young, without being overripe. As far as I can tell, the wine is only available direct via their website, or from Squashedgrape.
Score: 90/100


Scorpiiion GSM 2006
The last in a trio from Barossa producers Scorpiiion is their 2006 GSM, which is comprised of 45% Grenache, 42% Shiraz and 13% Mataro, all of which is sourced from the Barossa Valley.

Vibrant ripe plum and blackberry aromas are entwined with lurking chocolate and vanilla. On the palate I found intense flavours of fleshy dark fruits, a velvety mouthfeel and a little drying tannin on the finish. Its full bodied, fruit forward and very gluggable.

After having the chance to taste three different wines produced by Scorpiiion, I can definitely see the fruit driven but balanced style they are aiming for across the range. The GSM represents the best bang for your buck and is a great option if you just want to buy, open and drink. Prices appear to range from $15-23, depending on your selection of retailer and the number of bottles, Squashedgrape being the cheapest at this time.
Score: 89/100

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Scorpiiion Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2006
A dry, still, red wine with 15% alchohol tasted on 1st Feb 2008.
Grape: Grenache Shiraz Mataro
Quality: Good
Value: Above Average
Cost: Usually between $17.00 - $17.00.
Looks: Very dark in colour with a real red purple tinge - lots of extraction here - and full bodied
Smells: Vibrant ripe red fruit
Feels: Full bodied
Tastes: This wine is so plush and full of juice. It fairly races out of the glass at you in a flurry of fruit. But it has nice mouthfeel and extremely soft velvety tannins as well which help carry it through. The assault is good, and really carrys the wine - even though by the end of the bottle you are starting to wonder if it is just a tad simple, it still wins you over for indulgence factor alone.


Scorpiiion Shiraz 2005
A dry, still, red wine with 14.8% alchohol tasted on 16th Feb 2008.
Grape: Shiraz
Quality: Good
Value: Okay
Cost: Usually between $21.00 - $21.00.
Looks: Quite a dark red - very full bodied
Smells: Red and black berry, spice and choc
Feels: Full bodied
Tastes: A real full flavoured Barossa shiraz in true to form Barossa style. Ripe fruit that covers plum, cherry and red and black berries. Lovely choc tones and good line of black pepper. Ripe, full of flavour and decent length. Good value too!
Possible retailers:

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Scorpiiion Barossa Valley McLaren Flat
Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
A beautiful wine. It's juicy and acidic but flooded with pencilly, curranty, cedary flavour, its dusty overtones setting its dial to Class. It lingers deliciously on the tongue and shows once again just how good cabernet can be from these regions. Drink: 2008-2015. 93 points.

Scorpiiion Barossa Valley Shiraz 2006  
OK, this is good. It's dark, fruity and solid, has a touch of class and a good amoung of grunt. It is not, though, over the top. It tastes of blackberry jam, earth and toasty, cedary oak and has a beautifully fine, supple set of tannins on it. All round goodness! I like pretty much everything about this wine. Drink: 2008-2011. 91 points.

Scorpiiion Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2006
Really nicely done. It tastes of raspberries, licorice and earth and is definitely warm through the finish, but it's tangy and well structured too, so that its alcoholic grunt comes across as well tamed - almost elegant. Lovely smell, lovely taste, lovely mouthfeel. Very good value. Drink: 2008-2012. 89 points.

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