"The 2005 Shiraz is a
  deep mulberry colour
  with the brightness and
  clarity we associate with
  good fruit and good



Our 2006 and 2008 Cabernet Sauvignons have both sold out and we’ve decided to stop producing Cabernet Sauvignons. This was not an easy decision as we love a well-made Cab and Pete is very good at making them. In the current market Cabs are really hard to sell however and great Cab fruit seems harder to get rather than easier as we might have expected. For those of you lucky enough to have any of the 06 Cab left – it is magnificent at the moment.

The 2008 Shiraz continues to sell well and, with only about 30 cases left, we’ll soon be selling the 2010 (see the brilliant reviews). We missed 2009 as we were not able to source the fruit we wanted and still had a stack of the 2008 left.

The 2010 shiraz was a sleeper as it was due to be bottled in July 2011 but in February 2011 Pete decided it needed another 5 months in 2 year old oak. Given the reviews, this extra care and attention were well worth it.

The 2008 Single Vineyard Shiraz is still sitting in cool storage awaiting release. It is magnificent but a bit too young still. Given the reviews much of the limited stock is already spoken for but we hope to retain some for general sales. Please e-mail Mark for availability/orders. We will probably release the wine in March 2012.

2011 was an interesting vintage for us with regular torrential rainfall in the Barossa through January and February. We managed to acquire some good Grenache and Mataro early for a Rose but ended up not being able to source any Shiraz that we were happy with in the face of grapes splitting botrytis infections and slip skin. After the amazingly quick sell out of our 2006 Rose we’ve always meant to make another but haven’t gotten around to it. Peter has made us a beauty. Its light colour belies its full flavour. Its 48% Grenache which gives it richness and depth of fruit characters and 52% Mataro which provides length and a pleasant spiciness and a lovely long finish.